Teenage Boy Studying On Laptop At Home - Back to school tips for teens

Back to School Tips for Teens

School will be back in session soon and many teens are dealing with back to school jitters! Check out some back to school tips for teens below to help prepare your teen for a smooth transition back into school!

Be an active listener.

Many teens have anxieties and worries about returning to school, especially when dealing with big changes such as moving to a new district or starting at a new campus. Set aside time to allow them to share their feelings about returning to school. Be an active listener, and try not to impose your thoughts on how they feel. Validate and support their feelings and remind them that you are there to help them be successful this school year. Remember to stay curious and ask questions that will help you to better understand them.

Let them have a say.

Bring your teen along with you for back to school shopping for supplies and clothes. Don’t forget to bring your school supply list along! Many parents will also set a budget for back to school clothes and supplies. Allow your teen to select items that are appropriate for school and within your budget, but that also speak to their style and personality! 

Get organized early.

Plan with your teen on how to stay organized once school homework and projects are in full swing. Many schools offer an academic planner as part of their school supplies, but you can also grab one at your local office supply or craft store. Planners with weekly and monthly views are best. This allows your teen to write out upcoming assignments and tests to help better manage their workload. It also helps them prioritize assignments without feeling as overwhelmed. Want to be involved in the process? Get a large desk calendar or wall calendar that allows you to also see upcoming assignments and tests. This will allow you to support your teen as needed throughout the school year. It is also helpful to color code assignments! For example: tests in red, projects in purple, etc.

Get back into a routine.

Summer is often a time for play and more freedom, which can greatly affect sleep patterns. Help your teen get back into the swing of the school year by setting a consistent sleep schedule. Getting restful sleep is a great predictor of success and often helps us deal with daily stressors more efficiently. Some sleep tips include: having a consistent bedtime on weeknights, avoiding caffeine in late hours of the day, and eliminating screen time during the last hour before bed. Many parents choose to allow their teens to keep their electronics with them in their rooms, but this can often lead to poor sleep and an increase in stress. Consider charging phones and computers outside of their room on school nights and trading out a phone alarm for a traditional alarm clock. 

Teenage Boy Studying On Laptop At Home - Back to school tips for teens

We hope these back to school tips help! We are wishing all of your children a wonderful and successful school year! Let us know which ones you try at: https://www.facebook.com/LiveBeyondCounseling

Written by Holly Rohring, MS, LPC-Associate at LiveBeyond Counseling at the Keller-Fort Worth location.