Speak with a Licensed Therapist for Marriage Counseling, Teen Counseling, Christian Counseling, Spanish, Depression or Anxiety Therapy Today.


Speak with a Therapist for Marriage Therapy, Teen Counseling, Christian Counseling, Therapy in Spanish, Depression or Anxiety Therapy Today.

Counseling In Fort Worth – Alliance, Texas

LiveBeyond Counseling is now offering In-Person and Online Therapy in Fort Worth – Alliance, Texas at:

9800 Hillwood Pkwy Suite 174, Fort Worth, TX 76177

Our offices are conveniently located across from Alliance Town Center off of Heritage Trace Pkwy near Interstate 35W. When you see the building from Hillwood Pkwy, you will come straight through the stop sign and turn right into the first entrance to the parking lot on the right.  Park on the West side of the building and come in the building through the revolving doors. Our suites are located on the left side just past the elevators.

We are a private pay (no insurance) counseling practice with 10 therapists. Rates range from $120-$160 per session and can be offered weekly, biweekly, or a more intensive basis. Regular sessions last 45-50 minutes. Intensive sessions may last 60-90 minutes, or may consist of multiple sessions within one week for more focus on handling an acute concern such as Infidelity, Major Communication concerns in Marriage or with Teens, and more.

Rates for extended or intensive sessions are available upon request.

Our Community Trusts Us: Our Fort Worth Counselors regularly receive recommendations and referrals from local physicians, school counselors and from their current and past clients. 

Our specially trained and licensed therapists provide Confidential, High Quality Marriage Counseling, Anxiety Therapy and Depression Counseling, Christian Counseling, and Teen Counseling at our Alliance, N. Fort Worth, offices.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Give us a Call or Text us at 817-754-8886 or Email us at start@livebeyondcounseling.com to schedule your first counseling appointment or ask questions. 
  • Our Client Care Coordinator will email you a link to login to our Portal System to complete all paperwork.
  • Your therapist will be there to greet you and begin the session at the scheduled time.
  • At the end of the session, you will just need to schedule your next session(s) with your therapist.

Types of Counseling Available in Fort Worth – Alliance:

Marriage or Couples Counseling

Marriage Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Fort Worth - Alliance, Texas

LiveBeyond Counseling is excited to announce the availability of marriage counseling at our offices in Fort Worth – Alliance, Texas. Our experienced therapists are dedicated to assisting couples in mastering vital communication and relationship skills essential for a strong and healthy marriage. Learn how to better communicate with your spouse, how to resolve conflict in marriage, how to get over trust issues, and more.

To find out more about our In person and online relationship counseling services, also see: Marriage Counseling

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety and Depression Counseling in Fort Worth - Alliance, Texas

Our team of professional therapists is here to help you reclaim control, find balance, and reduce stress and anxiety. We understand that stress can affect many aspects of your life, including work, relationships, and home life. Remember, you’re not alone; many of our clients face similar challenges. We’re committed to meeting you where you are, creating a personalized plan to address your specific concerns, and guiding you towards experiencing the joy and freedom you deserve. Here are some common concerns you might be experiencing:

– Feeling overwhelmed or out of control
– Struggling with balancing work, relationships, and home life
– Experiencing persistent worry or stress
– Feeling isolated or alone with your struggles
– Seeking ways to manage and reduce anxiety

To find out more about our In person anxiety therapy in Fort Worth and online therapy for anxiety, also see: Anxiety Counseling

Depression Counseling

Depression Counseling in Fort Worth - Alliance, Texas

Depression can often feel like being trapped in a deep hole, leaving you feeling stuck, broken, and unable to move forward. However, there is hope. Our team of therapists regularly help individuals who are struggling with depression, offering support and guidance to start feeling better and rediscover happiness.

We witness clients making progress as they share their feelings of pain and sadness and work with their therapist to find joy in small victories, leading to greater fulfillment and a sense of freedom. Depression counseling can be particularly helpful if you’re experiencing:

  • Feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed
  • A sense of brokenness or incapacity to proceed
  • Persistent sadness or low mood
  • Frequent mood swings or frustration
  • A longing to rediscover happiness and fulfillment

To find out more about our In person depression counseling and online depression counseling services, also see: Depression Counseling

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Teen Counseling

teen counseling in Fort Worth - Alliance, Texas

The teen years can be some of the most volatile, difficult times for teens and parents to weather.

Teens want their way and to find themselves and parents struggle to find a way to gently nudge them in a positive direction.

Our team of teen therapists will ensure that your teen is safe, has a voice in their goals for therapy, and begins to develop a plan to improve their lives both now, and in the future. We would love to work with you and your teen to establish appropriate boundaries, behavioral support, as well as emotional supports. To find out more about our In person teen therapy and online teen counseling services, also see: Teen Counseling

How to Know if Your Teen Needs Counseling

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