Family Counseling Helps Families to See Another’s Perspective, Communicate Well About Their Hopes, and Begin to Improve All Areas of Their Lives.

    We Are Now Accepting New Clients for TeleTherapy and In-Person Sessions.

Family Counseling In Texas

Family Counseling Helps Families to See Another’s Perspective, Communicate Well, and Begin to Improve All Areas of Their Lives.

We Are Now Accepting New Clients for TeleTherapy and In-Person Sessions.

If You’re Family is Struggling With Any (or all) of the Following, Our Team of Family Counselors Can Help.

  • Conversations often turn into raised voices and hurt feelings
  • We love one another, but the day to day is hard
  • Good times get spoiled by petty arguments
  • My teen and I just don’t get along
  • Little arguments have led to resentment and distancing
  • We see other families on social media and wonder how they always seem to be happy together
  • We can’t agree on finances
  • We can’t agree on kids
  • We can’t agree on how to schedule and prioritize our lives
  • There is never enough time to spend together

Family counseling can help your family to begin to develop the skills and communication strategies necessary to be on the same team in life.

What Could Improving the Above Issues Mean For Your Family?

It’s an interesting thought experiment to allow yourself to begin to imagine what the ideal outcome could be. If your family were able to improve the way in which you communicate with one another and come to a positive, equitable result for all members of the family, the impact on you and every member of the family could be quite substantial.

  • Conversations could result in joyful, positive feelings about one another
  • Reduction in arguments could increase the mood of everyone and make home life, work, and social environments more positive
  • Your teen could carry communication skills and problem solving skills from family counseling into the future, leading to better outcomes in their education, career, family life, and social life
  • Resentment could be replaced with fondness and truly joyful interactions
  • Distance could become closeness and support
  • Finances, kids, schedule and priority could become just another challenge to tackle together as a family
  • Time together could be more fruitful, productive, and joy producing

If You Don’t Take a Step To Begin to Work on the Concerns that Have You Looking Into Family Counseling, What Could Happen?

Many potential clients who access our website or are referred to us by our clients sadly do not reach out to us to discuss their needs and desires for their family. Maybe they think of family counseling as a difficult process or one that will cost them too much financially.

Maybe they just don’t give counseling the place of priority it deserves by budgeting for it, scheduling it, and making it non-negotiable.

We at LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching have seen this type of thinking play out in 1000’s of clients’ lives. At first, they fear counseling and what it will cost them, without fully looking at the cost of NOT seeking out and committing to the assistance that a professionally trained and licensed counselor can provide.

On the other side of counseling, they are glad they made the investment. 

How much time, frustration, and struggle will not seeking help result in? How many tears? How much heartache both now and in the future? At what cost to your health, wealth, and happiness? These are the things that we humbly ask our clients to consider.

This is what we ask you to consider.

Aren’t the Significant Benefits of Family Counseling Worth Committing a Short Time and Some Financial Investment? 

I know you’ve tried so many times and so many things.

What would you be willing to do to find the hope and healing that your family needs?

I won’t lie to you. Most of our family counseling clients do not get the full benefit of counseling in 1-2 sessions. For most, it takes time and investment into a minimum of 8-10 sessions. For some families, counseling may take even more than 10 sessions.

We view ourselves as trusted advisors for our clients and seek to steward that trust to ensure that our clients are provided with high quality counseling that is driven to provide the most value possible in the most efficient manner so that your time with us is well spent and extremely fruitful for your life. 

Our Community Trusts Us: Our Family Counselors in Fort Worth, Texas regularly receive recommendations and referrals from local physicians, school counselors and from their current and past clients. 

If a Commitment to Family Counseling is Something You Feel That You Can Make, We Would Be Honored to Work Alongside You in Partnership to See Your Family Thrive.

Family Counseling can be scheduled in person or via online video counseling for residents of the state of Texas.

Our Fort Worth – Keller office is located directly across the road from Central High School and sees clients from Keller, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas.

Our Southlake, Texas office is located in Southlake Town Center and sees clients from Southlake and surrounding areas.

Our Alliance, Texas office is located off of Heritage Trace Pkwy and Hillwood Pkwy near Alliance Town Center north of Fort Worth just a minute from I-35. Our Alliance office serves clients from Fort Worth, Alliance, and surrounding areas.

We are a private pay (no insurance) counseling practice with 10 therapists. Rates range from $120-$160 per session and can be offered weekly, biweekly, or a more intensive basis. Regular sessions last 45-50 minutes. Intensive sessions may last 60-90 minutes, or may consist of multiple sessions within one week for more focus on handling an acute concern such as Infidelity, Major Communication concerns in Marriage or with Teens, and more.

Rates for extended or intensive sessions are available upon request.

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