Care for Your Mental Health in 2023

The New Year is upon us, and many people are focusing on goals for 2023! Check out our tips below on how to care for your mental health during the next year. Commit to Connecting with Others The New Year is a great time to evaluate the quality of the relationships around you. Many people […]

Family Holiday Events Near Fort Worth

The holidays are a great time to celebrate with your family in the community. The Christmas Capital of Texas is located close by the Fort Worth area, in Grapevine, TX, and is full of amazing family holiday events! Check out our list below of fun family and date night events this holiday season near Grapevine! […]

Recommended Books to Improve Your Relationships and Mental Health

Books to Improve Your Relationships and Mental Health Recommended Books for Improving Relationships Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life By: Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend Do you find yourself spread too thin, but have difficulty saying no? Do you often feel as if the […]

DFW Nonprofit Organizations We Love!

Top DFW Nonprofit Organizations There are so many nonprofit organizations in the area that serve the community! Check out this list below of ten of the nonprofits serving children, adults, and families in the area!  Christ’s Haven for Children- Keller, TX Christ’s Haven is a voluntary placement program for children and teens and is located in […]

Top Integrative Medicine Clinics in DFW

Integrative Medicine uses a holistic approach to care for chronic health conditions. It can be a great pathway for individuals looking for more natural and less invasive treatments to take care of their health and well-being. Check out some of these top clinics in the DFW area:    Abundant Life Wellness Center The main objective […]

How to Choose a Counselor

How to Choose a Counselor Making the decision to seek mental health treatment is one of the biggest and BEST decisions you can make for yourself. It is important to take the time to do your research before selecting the counselor you would like to work with. Each counselor is unique in their experiences and […]

Mistakes People Make with Counseling

Top Mistakes People Make with Counseling Is your marriage or relationship struggling? Having difficulty with coping with life’s daily stressors? It may be time to consider getting some support through a trained counselor. Feeling hesitant? Use these tips below to prevent yourself from making common mistakes with counseling. Mistake #1: Believing that Seeking Help Makes […]

Take Your Marriage From Good to Great

Take your Marriage from Good to Great! Even if you still think your spouse is the bee’s knees, there are some great ways to further grow your relationship and stay connected! Check out some of the tips below for taking your good marriage to a great one! Have Fun Together! Never underestimate the power of […]

Date Night Ideas in DFW

Couples need time together. It is healthy to practice date nights or day dates together no matter how long you’ve been with your partner.  As a Couples Counseling practice, LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching is always trying to help our couples clients to have some fun together. If you are looking for some great date night […]

Back to School Tips for Teens

School will be back in session soon and many teens are dealing with back to school jitters! Check out some back to school tips for teens below to help prepare your teen for a smooth transition back into school! Be an active listener. Many teens have anxieties and worries about returning to school, especially when […]

Activities for Teens in Arlington

Activities for Teens in Arlington, Texas Summertime is HOT! Teens are BORED! What can a teen do to have a little fun and not get into trouble this summer in the Arlington-Mansfield area? Take a look at some ideas to keep your teen entertained and busy! Amusement/Activity Parks Feeling adventurous? Six Flags Over Texas has […]

Date Night Ideas in Arlington, Texas

Couples need time together. It is healthy to practice date nights or day dates together no matter how long you’ve been with your partner.  As a Couples Counseling practice, LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching is always trying to help our couples clients to have some fun together. If you are looking for some great date night […]

Relationship Road Map – Getting Low with Your Partner  

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a well-researched and evidenced-based therapy which provides a map of how to bring about connection from disconnection.  Various literature on EFT states that there are three roads to connection: The High Road The High Road is where we enjoy vacations, go on date nights and to parties. On this road, […]

Discomfort of Feeling Stuck

Discomfort of Feeling Stuck Do you ever feel stuck?  You don’t know which way to go and you become paralyzed in this state of not doing anything.  What do you do when faced with a big decision? It’s hard to be stuck.  I know.  Feeling stuck is no fun. Sometimes I get stuck too. Wired […]

What Anxiety Teaches Us and Better Ways to Understand Anxiety

It can sound ridiculous, but anxiety is not an emotion we should strive to rid ourselves from but rather something to learn how to relate differently too. In this post, I hope to help you better understand anxiety and learn from it. Anxiety is and can be useful and helpful, it is what alerts us […]

Keeping Desire During the Pandemic

The pandemic has shifted and changed so much of our world. From the dynamics of shopping and dining out, to seeking medical care and working, it has shifted how we connect and relate to the world. For some, it has jolted a sense of freedom from their norm, opening the door to new possibilities and […]

The New Years Blues

The New Years Blues In the first few weeks of January, I have had clients experiencing what I refer to as seasonal depression.  We have just come out of the holidays, and I’m listening to clients tell me their stories with words like stressful, sad and disappointing.  And this is supposed to be “the most wonderful time […]

The Highly Sensitive Person

The Highly Sensitive Person  It isn’t uncommon for many of us to hear, or have heard in our life that, we are “too sensitive.”  But, what if the reality behind this is, we are? Have you ever wondered, why am I so easily overwhelmed by things, get rattled easily in short spans of time, can’t watch […]

Holiday Stress – Tis the Season

Are You Dealing with Holiday Stress? Its’ that time of year! The time when the air becomes crisp, kids are out of school, family comes into town, travel plans ramp up and, you said it, stress levels rise! Holiday stress can impact us all. The holidays can be filled with joy and cozy get togethers, […]


Self-care is so important during this Holiday season…and truly any season.  When talking to others about your stress levels, short fuse, poor sleep, even low motivation, how often do you hear the question, “well are you taking care of yourself?” In a world in which people are expected to work long hours, skip lunches for […]

Teen Counseling in Texas

Teen Counseling: Does My Child Need It? Adolescence is one of the most challenging stages in child development and certainly one of the most turbulent phases in life.  While some adolescents go through this transition from childhood to adulthood smoothly, others may struggle beyond the usual teenage instability. Teen counseling in Texas, can be a […]

Couples Counseling in Texas

Couples Counseling in Texas Some people feel intimidated when it comes to going to couples therapy but in reality, going to couples counseling can be a very healthy step for a relationship. Things do not have to even be that bad to benefit from going to couples or marriage counseling. Wanting to go to couples […]

Online Counseling in Texas

Online Counseling in Texas Until recently, traditional, in-office counseling in Texas was the only psychotherapy option available.  Psychotherapy in a traditional setting would involve finding a therapist, scheduling your sessions, and traveling to your therapist’s office for every appointment.  However, the expansion of modern technologies has changed the approach to counseling, making it more accessible […]

Online Counseling Guide

Online Counseling and Therapy LiveBeyond Counseling offers Counseling and other therapeutic services online to clients anywhere in Texas. Online Counseling has been shown to be as effective as in-person Counseling and offers several additional benefits. Online Counseling can make it easier for you to access services from your own home, office, or any other location […]

Christian Counseling Guide

Christian Counseling and Therapy When you need support there are many different types of therapies you can turn to. Your choice of therapist can be impacted by a number of different factors in your life, one including your faith. If you are Christian or interested in religion, you may want to try Christian Counseling. Both […]

Teen Counseling Guide

Teen Counseling – Adolescent Counseling – Teen Therapy – Adolescent Therapy  Adolescence is one of the most important stages of human development. There are so many changes that occur for young people including physical, psychological, relational and sense of identity as they journey to adulthood. Teen Counseling can support teenagers and families to integrate approaches […]

Trauma Counseling and Therapy

Trauma Counseling and Therapy Unfortunately, we live in a world where the likelihood of living through, experiencing or witness trauma is high. There are different levels of trauma and different people may respond and react differently to trauma, even when people go through the same event.  Trauma results from exposure to an incident or series […]

Depression and Anxiety Counseling and Therapy

Depression and Anxiety Counseling and Therapy We often use the words “anxious” and “depressed” in our casual conversation and this is because they are both normal emotional experiences. It is normal to feel a little anxiety around an upcoming presentation, new social situations, or even a dangerous situation and it is normal to feel depressed […]


Boundaries It seems like the word “boundaries” has become some-what of a trend or fad these days. So many have jumped on the “set your boundaries” train that it seems like the thing to do. However, what many don’t realize is that the work of setting personalized boundaries requires thought out processes and awareness because […]

Core Relationship Needs

Core Relationship Needs In every couple, there are fundamental needs and practices that take place in order to nourish a growing and connected relationship. Without these practices, couples face challenges in communication, connection and intimacy, ultimately affecting the health and wellness of their relationships.  Below are some of the core needs a relationship thrives on […]