Speak To A Licensed Therapist In Texas From the Comfort Of Your Home, Office, Or Wherever You Are With LiveBeyond’s Online Therapy, Video Therapy, and TeleTherapy Services

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Speak To A Licensed Therapist In Texas From the Comfort Of Your Home, Office, Or Wherever You Are With LiveBeyond’s Online Therapy, Video Therapy, and TeleTherapy Services

Online Therapy In Texas

LiveBeyond Counseling is now offering Online Therapy in Texas, otherwise known as Virtual Counseling, Video Therapy or Teletherapy, so that you can see our professional counselors from the comfort and convenience of your own home, office, or wherever you are within the state of Texas.

Our secure video therapy system through SimplePractice Telehealth allows our therapists to provide for our clients throughout the state of Texas with just a single link click.

Our Texas Community Trusts Us: Our Licensed Professional Online Counselors and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists regularly receive recommendations and referrals from physicians, school and other counselors and from their current and past clients as a result of their professionalism, advanced training in Gottman, Trauma Focused CBT, EFT Therapy, and more.

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We view ourselves as trusted advisors for our clients and seek to steward that trust to ensure that our clients are provided with high quality counseling that is driven to provide the most value possible in the most efficient manner so that your time with us is well spent and extremely fruitful for your life. 


Here’s How Online Counseling or Video Therapy Works:

  • Give us a Call or Send a Text to 817-754-8886 or Email us at start@livebeyondcounseling.com to schedule your online counseling appointment. 
  • Our Client Coordinators will send you a link to login to our Portal System to complete all paperwork.
  • Once we receive your paperwork, we will send you a confirmation and the link to join your teletherapy session.
  • At the time of your appointment, or a few minutes prior, just pull-up the email link on your tablet, laptop, or phone and click to join the call.
  • Your therapist will be there to greet you and begin the online session.
  • At the end of the online counseling session, you will just need to schedule your next session and click to leave the call.

Online Therapy is an especially good option if:

  • You are experiencing understandable anxiety and stress due to the current pandemic
  • You need convenient access to expanded evening and weekend hours for counseling sessions
  • You live in Texas
  • You experience physical disabilities that limit your ability to travel to in person sessions.
  • You live in a rural part of Texas where specialized Marriage, Teen, and Anxiety, or Depression counseling services are limited or unavailable
  • You need counseling in Spanish and do not have access to a local counselor who speaks your language
  • You need flexibility to manage your schedule
  • You wish to “meet with” your therapist from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, a local park, or wherever you are via video

If any of the above are true for you, you may be a good candidate for online video counseling. Your counselor will work with you to determine if teletherapy or online therapy sessions are a good fit for you.

Types of Online Therapy Available:

Online Marriage Counseling

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LiveBeyond Counseling is now offering online marriage counseling in Texas via our SimplePractice Telehealth system so that you and your partner can receive excellent marriage counseling services from wherever you are.

Our therapists are trained to help couples learn to thrive through professional relationship counseling online. We suggest that couples get comfortable, make themselves a cup of coffee or tea, and lean into each online counseling session to begin to work on the communication, stress, anxiety, frustration, and other concerns that are impacting your relationship.

To find out more about our In person and online relationship counseling services, also see: Marriage Counseling

Online Anxiety Counseling

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Is ongoing or acute stress and anxiety impacting your life? Our Team of professional teletherapists can help you to regain a sense of control, meaning, and balance. If you are dealing with stress that has impacted your work and home, know that you are not alone. We see clients every day who are going through the same issues. We pride ourselves on being able to meet you where you are, develop a plan to address your concerns, and begin to help you to realize the joy and freedom that you deserve. To find out more about our In person and online anxiety counseling services, also see: Anxiety Counseling

Online Depression Counseling

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If you have been feeling stuck lately, have felt less excited about once loved activities, or

have noticed yourself neglecting to care for yourself, your job, or your family in the way you once did, you may be suffering from the symptoms of depression.

We want to help you recover from these feelings and begin to feel good again. Our team of online depression therapists has years of experience working with people who have felt similar feelings and thought many of the same thoughts that you’re thinking. If you are feeling sad, depressed, moody, or frustrated, online depression counseling can help. To find out more about our In person and online depression counseling services, also see: Depression Counseling

Online Teen Counseling

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Is your teen struggling to get along with peers, teachers, at home, or in the community?

Do they seem sad or distant, frustrated or anxious? LiveBeyond Counseling offers online teen counseling for teens anywhere in the state of Texas.

Our team of online teen therapists will ensure that your teen is safe, has a voice in their goals for therapy, and begins to develop a plan to improve their lives both now, and in the future. We would love to work with you and your teen to establish appropriate boundaries, behavioral support, as well as emotional supports. To find out more about our In person and online teen counseling services, also see: Teen Counseling

Q. What happens at my first online counseling appointment?

Your first appointment is typically 45-50 minutes in length. Your counselor will carefully review your intake paperwork before starting your video intake session. The first part of the session will focus on understanding your goals for counseling.

The session will continue with you and the counselor discussing your current struggles, what past responses to those struggles have been, and your assets to overcoming them.

In the final part of the meeting, you and your counselor will develop a plan for moving forward based upon your goals. You will also discuss goals for the time until your next appointment and schedule your next appointment(s).

We typically suggest that clients plan to invest in their online counseling by committing to a minimum of 8 sessions. This allows time to build rapport with your counselor, determine goals, and develop skills to reach those goals. Each person is different, so this is not a requirement, of course.

Q. What would disqualify someone from video therapy?

Teletherapy is not recommended if you have limited access to a wireless connection or are unable to find secure, private places to talk with your therapist.

Q. Can I vary in-person appointments with video therapy sessions?

Yes. You and your counselor can decide on how to set up appointments that are convenient and accessible for you. Our in-person availability is limited to those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with offices in Keller, Fort Worth, Southlake, Alliance, and Arlington areas.

We also provide online counseling services to people in Amarillo, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and throughout the state of Texas.

Q. Is video therapy as effective as in-person counseling?

Research shows that online counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling. For increased chances of success in meeting your goals, the factors remain the same for video counseling as for in-person sessions: Fit and Rapport between therapist and client, openness and trust in the counseling process, therapist training and experience, and your commitment to follow through with sessions until desired outcomes are achieved.

Q. What cities in Texas do you have clients from?

We have clients contacting us from all over the state of Texas for online therapy. Particularly, we have seen many clients from and have created pages specific for:

Arlington, Fort Worth – Alliance, Fort Worth – Keller, Southlake

Weatherford – Aledo, Dallas, Houston, Austin

El Paso, San Antonio, Amarillo

Q. How do I get started?

Call or Text 817-754-8886. Also, feel free to email at: start@livebeyondcounseling.com. Our Intake Coordinator will answer your questions and match you with the best counselor to meet your needs.

Our Counselors can see you if you are in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Midland, El Paso, San Antonio, or anywhere in between. Give us a call or text us today.

We are a private pay (no insurance) counseling practice with 10 therapists. Rates range from $120-$160 per session and can be offered weekly, biweekly, or a more intensive basis. Regular sessions last 45-50 minutes. Intensive sessions may last 60-90 minutes, or may consist of multiple sessions within one week for more focus on handling an acute concern such as Infidelity, Major Communication concerns in Marriage or with Teens, and more.

Rates for extended or intensive sessions are available upon request. Services available in English or Spanish.

Find out more: Online Counseling in Texas

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