How Parents Can Help Their Teen With Depression

Have a Teen With Depression?

How Parents Can Help Teens With Depression, Fort Worth, Texas

Living with depression is difficult, especially for teenagers who are still growing and forming their worldviews. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t sure what to do when they suspect their teen is depressed, which can make the situation more complicated. Here is a little more information about raising a teen with depression, as well as how therapy can help. 

What Are the Signs of Depression in Teens? 

Depression in teens doesn’t always express itself the way you might assume. Some classic symptoms include feelings of sadness or signs of fatigue. In general, any changes in behavior—including eating and sleeping—are worth investigating further. 

You may also notice your teen showing behavioral concerns, like getting in trouble at school, being on their phone constantly, engaging in reckless behavior, or even being violent. Some teenagers may also attempt to run away or engage in self-harm. 

How Can You Help As a Parent? 

Mom and Daughter enjoying lunch together

One of the best ways to help a depressed teen is by letting them know that you’re there in a gentle, compassionate way. For instance, instead of overwhelming them with questions, remind them that you’re always available to talk whenever they want. Let them know they can talk to you about anything—from school and friendships to what they went over in therapy, but don’t pry if they seem disinterested. 

When you do talk with your teen, acknowledge and validate their feelings, and always point out the positives. Try to relate by telling them stories about yourself when you were their age, and do fun activities with your child to strengthen your bond. 


While being a supportive parent plays a large role in helping teens overcome depression and other mental health challenges, you don’t need to handle it all alone. The professional counselors at LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching in Keller, TX, can help. We offer therapy and counseling services for a range of mental health concerns, including depression and anxiety. If you have a teen with depression, please let us help you. Book a therapy appointment by sending a message online or calling 817-754-8886.