3 Ways to Help a Teen With Anger Management Issues

3 Ways to Help a Teen With Anger Management Issues, Fort Worth, Texas

Anger is one of the basic emotions all people experience. While feeling angry is normal and can be healthy, many people, including many of our teen clients, struggle with anger management. They may lash out in harmful or self-defeating ways. Here’s how you can help your teen.

How Can You Help Your Teen Learn Positive Anger Management?

1. Help Them Express Their Feelings

Anger Management

Part of processing and dealing with anger is to communicate about it internally and externally. Teenagers need to have the words for what they’re feeling and practice identifying their emotions as they arise.

If you talk about your emotions in a frank and constructive way, you’ll set an example for your teen on how they can talk about their feelings. Also, help them find outlets for their anger, like writing down their feelings in a journal or capturing them creatively in art and music.

2. Listen & Negotiate

Feeling listened to and taken seriously can help relieve many sources of frustration or, at the very least, help process those emotions. Invite your child to talk to you and listen to what they have to say, both when they’re angry and at other times.

Show your interest by listening patiently, summarizing what they’ve told you in your own words, acknowledging their feelings, and asking open-ended questions. Resist the urge to judge or dismiss their feelings; take their concerns seriously. When possible, try to negotiate solutions and compromises that take their needs into account.

3. Help Develop Coping Mechanisms

Someone with anger management issues will have more success at stopping the problematic behaviors if they have a constructive action to replace them with. If your teen tends to throw objects when they’re angry, encourage them to go for a run or use relaxation techniques instead. Enrolling them in a sport or fitness program can help them release extra anger and frustration. If you’re not sure what coping mechanisms might work for your teen, a therapist can help them find one they like.

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