4 Tips – Discussing Couples Counseling

4 Tips for Discussing Couples Counseling With Your Partner, Fort Worth, Texas

Marriage counseling provides the opportunity to work through issues with a significant other. And while realizing your relationship could benefit from counseling is the first major step, you need to broach the subject with your partner. We understand that discussing couples counseling can be hard. It can be difficult to bring up the subject in a way that doesn’t make them feel attacked or hurt, so use these tips to help the conversation go smoothly.

How to Discuss Couples Counseling With Your Partner

1. Find the Right Time

Discuss couples counseling at a time when you’re both calm. Mentioning it during an argument or when one of you is stressed or upset will not make the idea attractive. It will likely make your partner guarded and resistant to counseling. Instead, find the time to have a rational, meaningful conversation that won’t spiral out of control. Cook them dinner or ease into the subject slowly, so they aren’t caught off guard.

2. Express How You’re Feeling


Stick to “I” statements that let your partner know how you’re feeling and why you think couples counseling is a good idea. Discuss the issues of the relationship and how they impact you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Have specific examples and situations in mind of times you felt upset, angry, or jealous. Don’t be afraid to get emotional or vulnerable, especially since it will likely reduce defensive behavior in your partner.

3. Stay Clear of Accusations

Avoid accusatory statements and threats. Don’t attack their character or force an ultimatum on them. If your partner feels forced into couples therapy, it may do more harm to the relationship than good. You want to convince them that couples counseling is a good idea, not make them feel guilty or resentful. You should avoid saying anything that could raise the other person’s defenses that might lead to a fight instead of a resolution.

4. Emphasize the Benefits

When discussing couples counseling, be sure to discuss the many advantages of couples counseling, such as allowing both of you to express how you feel to an objective observer and resolve issues that could otherwise impact your relationship for years. Talk about how it will strengthen your bond as a couple because you’ll learn how to communicate instead of letting things fester. It can also help you feel more secure as a couple because any underlying fears or uncertainties will be quelled. 

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