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Back to School Tips for Teens

School will be back in session soon and many teens are dealing with back to school jitters! Check out some back to school tips for teens below to help prepare your teen for a smooth transition back into school! Be an active listener. Many teens have anxieties and worries about returning to school, especially when […]

Teen Counseling in Texas

Teen Counseling: Does My Child Need It? Adolescence is one of the most challenging stages in child development and certainly one of the most turbulent phases in life.  While some adolescents go through this transition from childhood to adulthood smoothly, others may struggle beyond the usual teenage instability. Teen counseling in Texas, can be a […]

Teen Counseling Guide

Teen Counseling Guide – Adolescent Counseling – Teen Therapy – Adolescent Therapy  Adolescence is one of the most important stages of human development. There are so many changes that occur for young people including physical, psychological, relational and sense of identity as they journey to adulthood. Teen Counseling can support teenagers and families to integrate […]

3 Ways to Help a Teen With Anger Management Issues

Anger is one of the basic emotions all people experience. While feeling angry is normal and can be healthy, many people, including many of our teen clients, struggle with anger management. They may lash out in harmful or self-defeating ways. Here’s how you can help your teen.

5 Ways Parents Can Help Teens Become More Confident

From experiencing rapid physical changes to navigating high school politics, being a teenager is complicated. But when younger people are burdened with low self-esteem, these challenges can be much more difficult to endure. For some, a lack of confidence can even result in an increased risk for depression, self-harm, and other destructive behaviors. Talking to a counselor can help teens navigate these feelings, but if you’re a parent, you can also help your teen avoid these patterns by following these confidence-boosting tips.

How Parents Can Help Their Teen With Depression

Living with depression is difficult, especially for teenagers who are still growing and forming their worldviews. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t sure what to do when they suspect their teen is depressed, which can make the situation more complicated. Here is a little more information about raising a teen with depression, as well as how therapy can help.