Tips for Getting Started with Online Counseling

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Online Counseling in a Time of Chaos

Online Counseling or TeleTherapy have become popular terms over the past several weeks as the world has scrambled to regain composure after being hit hard by the latest threat to our emotional and physical well-being: Coronavirus or Covid-19. Many people have encountered situations in which they are unable to work as normal, unable to go to Church, unable to be around other people, and that is hard. It’s hard for our emotions, our finances, and so much more.

Online counseling offers an option for peace in the midst of the chaos. Through the use of tele therapy services, Clients can retain access to caring counselors and therapists who they can chat with via online mediums, video, and even phone calls. During this time of crisis and concern, people need comfort and convenience more than ever. Here at LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching, our clients have responded so well to online counseling options so far, that we are excited to continue to offer this service as an option in the future.

I get it though, you may be a bit concerned about how it all works or how difficult it will be to get started. I assure you, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Take a look at these Tips for Getting Started with Online Counseling:

  • Find a Counseling service offering Online Counseling in your area – This is the first step. Many Clients turn to a Google search to find a new therapist. Some ask a friend or colleague. Those with teens may ask your counselor at the school that your teen attends.
  • Ensure that you find a counseling practice with the right niche specialties that you need – For example, LiveBeyond Counseling specializes in counseling for Teens, Adults with Anxiety and Depression related concerns, and Couples Counseling.
  • Call, Email, or Text the practice – Reach out and schedule a phone consultation so that you can ask further questions regarding teletherapy and schedule your first session.
  • Complete all of the required paperwork in advance – Here at LiveBeyond Counseling, we send you paperwork in advance through our secure online portal. This is so that we can keep all of your records confidential as well as so that your therapist can look over your paperwork before your arrival. This allows the therapist to know a bit about what is going on and so that we do not use your first sessions just completing paperwork. We want to be able to begin to help you from the very first session!
  • Choose a Quiet, Brightly lit space with good internet service – You don’t have to dress nicely (pajamas are great!), you don’t have to have special equipment (your smartphone, laptop, or tablet will work), and you don’t even have to miss your coffee and scacks. You should find a place where you can have privacy in a closed room or space. Also, be sure that the lighting is good in the room and that you are not sitting directly in front of a window. If necessary, move a lamp or lamps into the space to make the lighting brighter. You may want to use headphones, especially if there is a lot of background noise where you are.
  • Video Links – Most practices will be able to send you a video link after scheduling your first session so that all you have to do at the session time is click to join the call with your therapist.
  • At the appointment time, click on the link and enjoy your session!

Online Counseling can be a convenient choice for those who are unable to get out of the house either temporarily or longterm. LiveBeyond Counseling allows our clients to change according to their needs, even on a weekly basis from In office to Video therapy. Teletherapy can also be a great choice for those who live far from your nearest counseling office, allowing you to access professional counselors from wherever you are. LiveBeyond Counseling welcomes clients from anywhere in the state of Texas.

If you, your relationship, or your teen are struggling with anxiety, stress, or any other concerns during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. We are now scheduling new individual, teen, and couples appointments for teletherapy for this week.

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