How to Make the Most of Online Counseling

How to Make the Most of Online Counseling, Fort Worth, Texas

Online counseling has become increasingly popular, with more individuals turning to it each day. Digital counseling can help you overcome barriers that might prevent you from seeking a face-to-face meeting, such as living in a remote location or social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you’re considering online adult counseling, use the following guide to learn how to make the most of your sessions.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

Like in-person counseling, the goal of digital therapy is to provide tools, solutions, and techniques to help you overcome the emotional challenges and obstacles you’re currently facing. You will still meet and talk with your counselor; however, unlike face-to-face therapy, your session will take place virtually, using secure video-conferencing software.

Through the platform, you will interact with your therapist just as you would at an in-person session, including exercises such as hands-on or interactive activities. Many people use online counseling because they want to work with different therapists with unique techniques.

How to Prepare for Digital Counseling

Besides ensuring you have a computer with a microphone and a stable internet connection, you should also mentally prepare for your adult counseling session. Talking about private matters with someone you barely know can be uncomfortable at first, and it may be awkward until you have time to adjust.

adult counselingCreate a safe space in your home that is private and quiet to ensure you won’t feel inhibited when sharing your feelings or talking about confidential matters.  Wear headphones so roommates or family members can’t hear what your therapist has to say. If privacy is limited in your home, consider communicating with your counselor via text-only options.

How to Make Digital Therapy Work for You

While the format may feel different, online counseling is as effective as meeting a counselor in person. As with in-person therapy, be patient with the process and allow yourself to feel awkward, understanding that it will get better with time.

If you’re relying on audio-only conferencing, realize that your therapist cannot pick up on the physical cues they would typically rely on to understand how you’re feeling. Overcome this through open, verbal communication, like naming your emotions and explicitly telling your counselor when you feel frustrated or vulnerable. Take your online adult counseling sessions as seriously as in-person meetings by calling on time and being ready to talk. 

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