Take Your Marriage From Good to Great

Take your Marriage from Good to Great!

Even if you still think your spouse is the bee’s knees, there are some great ways to further grow your relationship and stay connected! Check out some of the tips below for taking your good marriage to a great one!

Have Fun Together!

Never underestimate the power of a great date! Experts suggest a minimum of two dates per month for married couples. Don’t forget to make them fun! Think about the things you two enjoyed when you were courting, and bring back some of that excitement into your dating life! Grab a sitter for the kids or see if someone in your support network can help you out so that you can continue to prioritize your time together. Need some ideas for a great date night? Check out our blog posts about fun date nights around the DFW area!

Plan a Getaway with Your Spouse!

Making time to take a trip with your spouse is just as important as those weekly date nights. It is important that couples take weekends away together at least 3 times a year.  Plan a staycation at a local hotel, or travel to any of the amazing destinations in the great state of Texas! Great options just a few hours away include San Antonio, Austin, Fredericksburg, or Galveston! Getting away with just the two of you can help rekindle your connection and intimacy that can sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Manage Conflict in Marriage

It can actually be healthy to engage in and manage disagreements with your partner. Conflict avoidance can be a sign that an emotional disconnection is brewing. Behind every disagreement is a need, dream, or desire that is not met for your spouse. It is very important to seek to understand your spouse before making an attempt to be understood in a disagreement. It doesn’t mean you will always agree, but understanding your partner’s viewpoint can make a huge difference in your perception of them when you find yourselves on the opposite sides of an issue. Take time to discover what need or desire your spouse is seeking to have fulfilled and see if you can find flexible areas to compromise on. 

Find Ways to Connect with Your Partner

Connecting emotionally with your spouse is one of the top ways to improve your relationship. Plan 20 minutes each day to sit together, distraction free, and talk about what is going on in your partner’s life. What are things outside of the relationship that may be bearing down on them or causing them stress? Simply listen. Don’t rush in and attempt to solve their problems immediately. Offering a listening ear can remind each other that you are united front increases resilience within a couple, which helps you fare better when tough times do arise. 

Written by Holly Rohring, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor at LiveBeyond Counseling at the Keller-Fort Worth location.