DFW Nonprofit Organizations We Love!

Top DFW Nonprofit Organizations

There are so many nonprofit organizations in the area that serve the community! Check out this list below of ten of the nonprofits serving children, adults, and families in the area! 

Christ’s Haven for Children- Keller, TX

Christ’s Haven is a voluntary placement program for children and teens and is located in Keller/Fort Worth. They provide trauma-informed care for displaced children, teens, and young adults. They offer many services, including: residential programs, family resources, food pantry access, resale shopping, college/career readiness programs, and rental spaces. To get more information on how to place a child, or get involved, please visit Christ’s Haven

Stepping Stones Foundation- Keller, TX

Stepping Stones Foundation was established in 2009 with a mission to reach children and their families. They have continued this mission by partnering with Child Protective Services, school counselors, and law enforcement to receive referrals for children in need. Some of the services they provide include resale shopping, healthy meal acces, sponsored room redecorating, youth outreach, and teen technical training. For more information on their programs, or how to get involved, please visit Stepping Stones Keller

Victory Temple Ministries- Fort Worth, TX

Victory Temple Ministries provides Men’s and Women’s Homes in Fort Worth, TX who want to change and recover from substance abuse. Each program is free and is an estimated 6 months in length. Overall goals of the ministry include establishing a relationship with Christ, healing past wounds, and breaking patterns of addiction. For more information on their services, please visit Victory Temple Recovery

Teen Lifeline, Inc- Fort Worth, TX

The goal of Teen Life is to provide a safe space to empower teens to live life better through support groups. To discover more about ways to get involved or sign your teen up for their services, please visit Teen Life

Community Storehouse- Fort Worth, TX

The goal of Community Storehouse is to increase support and resources for underserved children and their families in the following school districts: Keller, Northwest, Argyle, and Carroll. They offer the following programs: educational (tutoring and little learners), food and wellness (pantry and food assistance) youth leadership, upscale resale, and seasonal programs. There are two main ways to volunteer with Community Storehouse: through donations (items or monetary) and volunteering. To learn more about this organization and see if you qualify for their services or get involved, please visit Community Storehouse

The Gatehouse- Grapevine, TX

The Gatehouse Program exists for women in the DFW metroplex to achieve and maintain stability in their lives. Gatehouse provides housing, utilities, and childcare while helping women achieve their career and personal goals. The Gatehouse program does not consider itself to be a short-term solution, but rather a meaningful program to help women reach their long-term goals. For more information on this organization, please visit The Gatehouse

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County- Arlington, TX

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County seeks to equip girls to be prepared for a bright future. This is accomplished through mentoring programs and relationships with schools and other organizations throughout Tarrant County. As of 2018, Girls Inc. had served over 20,000 girls through over 1 million hours of programming. To check out upcoming events, and ways to get involved, please visit Girls Inc of Tarrant County

Him Food Bank- Mansfield, TX

The mission of Him Food Bank is to ensure every child and family receives the food and hygiene items they need to survive. Him Food Bank offers bagged groceries as well as weekly food distribution on 1st-4th Thursdays of the month. They also supply food pantries throughout North Texas through their Partner Pantry Program. To find more information on their services or how to get involved, please visit Him Food Bank.

Nonprofits serving Texas Foster Children:

Our Father’s Children- North Richland Hills, TX

Our Father’s Children offers programs for foster children ages 6-11, including Royal Family Kids Camp (RFKC). This is a camp offered in June-July each summer for both boys and girls! All camps are open to foster children in Texas and occur in the state! Participating in this program is free of charge to foster children and their families. There are many ways to get involved in RFKC- by donating and volunteering! For more information on how to sign up your foster child or give, please visit Our Father’s Children

Camp 2911 Ministries- Austin, TX

Camp 2911 houses the older sibling to RFKC, Teen Reach Adventure Camp (TRAC)! There is no current TRAC provided in DFW, but this camp is open to all foster teens in Texas! This amazing camp is open to foster teens ages 12-15. This camp occurs in August, just before school starts with separate sessions for boys and girls and is located in the state! You can get involved by donating, providing supplies, or volunteering your time! For more information on how to get your foster teen signed up, or get involved, please visit TRAC Austin

We hope this list of the Top DFW Nonprofit Organizations has been informative regarding what is out there to get involved in. Do you have a favorite nonprofit organization we should feature? Reach out and let us know!

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By Holly Rohring, Licensed Professional Counselor at LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching.