How to Choose a Counselor

How to Choose a Counselor

Making the decision to seek mental health treatment is one of the biggest and BEST decisions you can make for yourself. It is important to take the time to do your research before selecting the counselor you would like to work with. Each counselor is unique in their experiences and their approach with clients. A counselor who is a great fit for one person, may not be what is best for another, and that’s okay! Check out some tips below on how to find the perfect counselor for you.

Choose a counselor

Check their License

The first thing to consider is whether or not the counselor you are working with is currently licensed in your state. Licensed mental health professionals are bound by the ethics of their state and hold the required education and training to provide these services to their clients. This is a very important aspect to consider when selecting a counselor. Checking a license can be done easily by visiting the state licensing board’s website in your state.

Check for Trainings or Certifications

When looking for a counselor, consider what your needs and goals are before starting the search. Most counselors provide a bio on their webpage that lists experiences, trainings, and certifications. Be sure to take your time to read qualifications to ensure the counselor you select has the potential to meet your needs. For example, a counselor who specializes in treating substance abuse may not be the best fit for a couple who is seeking treatment to work on their relationship.

Consider your Culture and Values

Ask yourself if there are certain cultural aspects or values that are important to emphasize in treatment. This is a very important piece to consider when selecting a counselor. If you need someone with a similar background or faith understanding, keep that in mind when conducting your search. It is important that the counselor you seek is willing and able to meet your needs in regards to what is important and valuable to you.

Check Your Comfort Level

The most important aspect of mental health care is ensuring that you are comfortable with the counselor you are working with. It is okay to ask your counselor questions that are important to you during the initial session. If you find that the direction is not where you would like to go, speak up.

You need to be sure you have found someone you can align with as you dig into true, meaningful work. I hope you have found these tips helpful. Let us know which ones benefited you the most at LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching Facebook Page.

Ready to choose a counselor for you? Reach out to our office today to schedule your first appointment! Written by Holly Rohring, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor at LiveBeyond Counseling at the Keller-Fort Worth location.