Care for Your Mental Health in 2023

The New Year is upon us, and many people are focusing on goals for 2023! Check out our tips below on how to care for your mental health during the next year.

Commit to Connecting with Others

The New Year is a great time to evaluate the quality of the relationships around you. Many people are still suffering the impact of COVID social distancing and their relationships have suffered as a result. Look for ways to be intentional about connecting with supportive people this year. Maybe this means reaching out to a friend or family member and scheduling a lunch date or trying something new to make new friends. A local church or a community sports league are great options to help meet new people. Research shows that strong social relationships reduce anxiety and depression, and also increases self-esteem. Increasing the number of supportive people around you is a great way to start the New Year off on the right foot!

Pay Attention to the Present 

Many times our daily stresses, worries, and fears lead our mind to focus on anything other than the present and before we know it, another year is gone. Try to make it a goal to remain mindful of what is going on in front of you each day. Many times it is beneficial to just enjoy a special moment for what it is or focus on just the immediate task in front of you. This simple technique can improve interpersonal relationships, job performance, as well as positively impact symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Make Self-Care a Priority

It is so easy to get caught up in the business of life and self-care often gets pushed to the side. It is important to remember that self-care also means taking care of yourself. This includes prioritizing sleep and good personal hygiene. It is also important to remember that unhealthy habits do not count as self-care. This may include substance/alcohol use, overeating, or other unhealthy behaviors. Instead, work to implement healthy habits including physical exercise, eating healthy, and being intentional about spending time with your spouse, family, or friends. Always remember that a few minutes of self-care is better than no self-care at all. Take that break when you need it. Schedule that night away with your spouse. Don’t wait until you are burnt out to prioritize you. 

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a simple exercise that can have a huge impact on your mental well being. Practicing gratitude has been shown to reduce stress/anxiety and increase contentment and self esteem. A simple way to do this is to take time each day to allow your thoughts to focus on what is going well. Maybe it is something that went really well at work or a family member/friend who means a lot to you. Spend a few minutes journaling or thinking about why you are grateful each day and see how it positively affects your mindset!

Contribute to Your Community

There are many opportunities to get involved in various organizations and churches throughout the DFW area. Focusing on others is another great way to care for your own health in 2023. This provides an opportunity to meet new people, practice gratitude, and improve the community around you.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you ring in the New Year and seek to care for your mental health! Are you feeling like you need some added support? We have a team of amazing counselors that are ready to help you meet your goals in 2023! Call us to schedule an appointment today!