The Keys to a Happy Marriage

A long and happy marriage takes work but it’s worth the effort. At some points in their relationships, spouses may seek couples counseling for help in strengthening their marital bonds. The following tips from therapists and counselors may help you avoid or navigate rough waters in your marriage and establish a deeper permanent loving relationship.

3 Keys to a Happy Marriage from Couples Counseling

1. Build Trust Between Each Other


Trust is an essential plank in the foundation of every meaningful relationship. Spouses in happy long-term marriages have learned to build trust by taking responsibility for what they do, fighting without hostility, and making up quickly. Being defensive, critical, and holding your spouse in contempt leads to lack of trust, which makes divorce more likely.

2. Address Problems Honestly

Whether it’s a small annoyance or a major disturbance in the relationship, you and your spouse should agree on a time and place to sit down for an honest discussion about it. Choose a time when you are calm and able to keep negative emotions from destroying the conversation and getting in the way of reaching solutions. Be open to compromises unless your spouse is engaged in dangerous or illegal behavior.

3. Make Time for Intimacy

Professionals in couples counseling know that when spouses maintain a strong physical intimacy, it supports a healthy marriage. From hand-holding walks and picnics in the park to midnight romps between the sheets, invest your time and creativity to keep romantic sparks flying, the way they did early in your relationship. 

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