Summertime Counseling Scheduling

Hi! We are extremely proud to celebrate the WINS of our LBCC clients throughout the spring of this year. Marriages have been restored and Individual adults and teens have found hope and joy again. As we look forward to the summertime, we know it can be a busy season. With summer comes vacations, summer camps, weddings, and more. 

In our collective 50+ years of counseling experience, we have found that many clients tend to back off of regularly scheduled sessions in order to make time for all that summer holds. Our experience has taught us that our clients who keep a regularly scheduled (on the calendar) appointment are more likely to maintain their progress, not lose ground, and show more positive outcomes. 

Please be sure to make space for your personal and family wellness in the midst of all of the excitement that summer can bring. Summertime can and should be a time of fun and activity, and it can also be a great time of HOPE AND HEALING

We would love to help by scheduling recurring/regular appointments for you/your family throughout the summer, of course balanced around your busy schedule. 

Remember that all sessions are able to be cancelled or changed with 48-hours notice without penalty. All sessions can also be scheduled via video (virtually) if video sessions help you to fit your counseling needs into your schedule. 

Please click below to send us an email, text, or schedule online. Sessions are available this coming week, so reach out today. 



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