How Can Social Media Overuse Affect Relationships?

How Can Social Media Overuse Affect Relationships?, Fort Worth, Texas

Social media is a constant presence in today’s world that plays an important role in many people’s lives. It’s easy to get sucked into endless streams of posts and be constantly sharing information. Unfortunately, overusing it can impact the quality of a relationship. Recognizing signs of overuse and misuse can help you find a solution, like trying couples counseling, before it negatively impacts your relationship.

A Guide to Social Media Overuse for Couples

What It Is

Social media overuse is when a person excessively logs into and monitors personal accounts like Facebook®, Snapchat®, Instagram®, and Twitter®. It’s often caused by dopamine-releasing effects, which have shown to affect the brain similarly to gambling and drug use. It becomes a physical and physiological issue, where likes, comments, shares, messages, and updates create a reward system that dominates a person’s life. 

What Are the Signs?


A key problem with social media overuse is when it cuts into partners’ time together. If you find your spouse is spending more time on their phone or computer when you’re on a date or watching a movie, or if they’re avoiding these activities altogether to spend time browsing social sites, it can be a problem. They may also dive into social media to forget personal problems or show discomfort if they can’t check their accounts. In the case of misuse, they may share personal information about you, discuss your relationship online, or become jealous of others’ and your activity on social accounts.

How Can I Help My Spouse Overcome It?

Help your loved one identify why they’re overusing social media. It may be a reaction to stress or their love of the reward system. Then, identify triggers, such as boredom or a routine. If they use social media frequently before bed or on their lunch break, recommend an alternative like reading a book. It’s important that you also express your feelings in a positive manner. Come from a place of concern rather than criticism, and seek couples counseling or therapy if you need assistance.

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