Speak with a Licensed Therapist for Marriage Counseling, Teen Counseling, Christian Counseling, Depression or Anxiety Therapy, or Counseling in Spanish Today.


    Speak with a Licensed Therapist for Marriage Counseling, Teen Counseling, Christian Counseling, Depression or Anxiety Therapy, or Counseling in Spanish Today.

Online Therapy In Houston, Texas

LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching is now offering Online Therapy in Houston, Texas via our secure, confidential video therapy platform.

Our specially trained and licensed therapists provide High Quality Marriage Counseling, Anxiety Therapy and Depression Counseling, Christian Counseling, and Teen Counseling for people in and around Houston, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Humble, and surrounding areas.

Our Community Trusts Us: Our Counselors regularly receive recommendations and referrals from local physicians, school counselors and from their current and past clients. 

Here’s How It Works:

  • Give us a Call at 817-754-8886 or Email us at start@livebeyondcounseling.com to schedule your first online video counseling appointment. 
  • Our Client Coordinator, will send you a link to login to our Portal System to complete all paperwork.
  • Once we receive your paperwork, we will send you a confirmation for your first session as well as a sign in link.
  • Your therapist will be there to greet you and begin the session at the scheduled time via our video therapy system.
  • At the end of the session, you will just need to schedule your next session(s) with your therapist.

Types of Online Counseling Available for Adults and Teens in the Houston, Texas Area:

Online Marriage or Couples Counseling

Online Marriage Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Houston, Texas

LiveBeyond Counseling is now offering online marriage counseling.

Our therapists are trained to help couples learn the communication and other skills necessary to have a strong, healthy marriage through professional relationship counseling.

To find out more about our In person and online relationship counseling services, also see: Couples Counseling

Online Anxiety Counseling

Online Anxiety Counseling in Houston, TX

Our Team of professional therapists can help you to regain a sense of control, meaning, and balance and reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety. If you are dealing with stress that has impacted your work, relationships, or home, know that you are not alone. We see clients every day who are going through the same issues. We pride ourselves on being able to meet you where you are, develop a plan to address your concerns, and begin to help you to realize the joy and freedom that you deserve. To find out more about our online anxiety counseling services, also see: Anxiety Counseling

Online Depression Counseling

online depression counseling in Houston, Texas

Depression can feel like a hole that you just can’t seem to dig out of. It can leave you feeling stuck, broken, and incapable of taking another step.

There is hope. Our team of therapists see people every day who are in the pit and needing a hand, a rope, anything to begin to feel better and find happiness again. Again and again we see the process begin to unfold as a client opens up about the pain and sadness and begins to work with their therapist to discover new joy in the small wins that lead to fulfillment and freedom. If you are feeling sad, depressed, moody, or frustrated, depression counseling can help. To find out more about our online depression counseling services, also see: Depression Counseling

Online Teen Counseling

online teen counseling in Houston, Texas

The teen years can be some of the most volatile, difficult times for teens and parents to weather.

Teens want their way and to find themselves and parents struggle to find a way to gently nudge them in a positive direction.

Our team of therapists will ensure that your teen is safe, has a voice in their goals for therapy, and begins to develop a plan to improve their lives both now, and in the future. We would love to work with you and your teen to establish appropriate boundaries, behavioral support, as well as emotional supports. To find out more about our online teen counseling services, also see: Teen Counseling

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