Discomfort of Feeling Stuck

Do you ever feel stuck?  You don’t know which way to go and you become paralyzed in this state of not doing anything.  What do you do when faced with a big decision? It’s hard to be stuck.  I know.  Feeling stuck is no fun. Sometimes I get stuck too.

Wired To Freeze

According to research, it’s biologically wired in our brain circuitry to freeze when something feels too hard, and it’s totally normal.  Think of the animal kingdom where the animal senses danger and pretends to be dead. Have you ever heard the expression “playing possum”?  It’s also natural when in this state of stuckness to do what feels soothing.  You might take a nap so that you can have a clearer head to move forward.  Or, perhaps you dilly-dally and reorganize the pantry or turn to social media.

Make A Small Move

Last Saturday morning was a very unusual day in that I had nothing at all planned.  But I had a big decision to make that was weighing heavily on my mind. It was a beautiful day. 

So, I decided to take a walk, a long walk. 

I noticed the leaves on the trees, listened to the birds singing, breathed in the fresh air, and soaked in the sunshine on my skin.  When I returned home, I felt calmer and more grounded, but I was still faced with indecision, so I decided to clean my house. In cleaning out my junk drawer, I found a friend’s business card whom I hadn’t talked to in over a year.  I remembered that she had experience in the dilemma I was currently facing.  So, I called her. In reaching out to her, I was able to make a small move in the direction of making my decision. I went from feeling stuck to making a small move.

Feeling Stuck, woman therapy in Fort Worth, Texas

It’s OK to Feel Stuck for Awhile

The point is, don’t beat yourself up if you are frozen and paralyzed with a decision that seems insurmountable.  Big decisions need thought and rest and sometimes you need to squirrel a bit. Stay open to exploration and curiosity and stay positive.  You will get the answers that you need when you just allow yourself to be okay in your stuckness for a while. 

If being stuck is causing you anxiety, as a therapist, I can help you. I encourage you to read about anxiety on our other blogs and then reach out to me.

Next Steps

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Amber Bezney is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Associate who provides online and in person counseling through LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching. LiveBeyond CC has offices located in Keller, Fort Worth, Alliance, Arlington, and Southlake, Texas, and provides online counseling for residents throughout Texas.