• Private Counseling Practice Setup Deals

    Need a Website, Website Hosting, EHR, and More? Look No Further!

  • Private Counseling Practice Setup Deals

    Need a Website, Website Hosting, EHR, and More? Look No Further!

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I get asked all the time: Can you build me a website? Who do you recommend for website hosting? Where can I learn more about SEO/Marketing/Etc?

Here are some of my favorite counseling practice deals from around the web. Some offer me a small ‘reward’ for referring you to them. Just CLICK the photos to get the deal!

ALL are products and services that I have personally vetted and believe are providing worthwhile products/services for therapists and counselors:

Counseling Practice Tools


Get professional, fast hosting for your private practice website. This is what I use for my private pay group practice. Works great!

Counseling Practice Tools


This is the Electronic Health Records provider that I use for my group practice. It offers a robust set of private practice systems and tools to streamline your practice including: Calendar, Customizable Notes & Assessments, Secure Messaging, Credit Card Processing, Video Counseling – Teletherapy, Multiple Office and Location Toggle, Online Scheduling, and more for one simple fee.

Counseling Practice Tools


PLETHORA OF PRACTICE KNOWLEDGE: I recently joined the monthly membership for The Group Practice Exchange to check it out to see if I could use it but also if any of my SEO/GMB or coaching clients could. It has tons of really GREAT courses, videos, trainings, forms, live meetings, and more. Definitely worth it. Definitely recommend it. If interested, use my code to sign up and we both get a $50 credit.

Private Practice Products


This link is to a course that I created to help business owners optimize their Google Business listings. Google Business is the #1 way to gain the attention (and business) of local clients. If you get the course, then decide not to optimize it on your own, I can help! Shoot me a message.

Counseling Practice Products


This site is absolutely PACKED with digital learning opportunities that will benefit your practice! Check it out and let me know what great courses you find!



Why start from scratch when you can literally just plug and play a beautifully designed, SEO-friendly, Squarespace website template? My friend Anna is the QUEEN of all things therapy practice website. Take a look at these beautiful templates. You won’t be disappointed.



Love it or hate it, PsychologyToday continues to provide new clients to therapists in almost every city and town in the USA and beyond. Click the photo above and shoot me an email. I will send you a referral to sign up for the top listing site for therapists. You’ll get 6 months free!

I recently hired Craig to work on my website and SEO as I am lost when it comes to that kind of thing. He was incredibly helpful and within days I was noticing a huge increase in traffic to my website and calls which of course led to clients. He has continued to provide support and guidance so that I can maintain the work he was able to do for me. I appreciate him and the genuine care he has for those he helps!
Craig optimized my website and gave me many great suggestions regarding marketing my private practice. And he got my Google my business page optimized also. I am illiterate with this online marketing stuff. He literally pulled me into the 21st-century. I am very grateful for his services and pleased with how economical it was. He was kind and professional. I fully recommend him!
Craig has been very timely and communicative as he works diligently to grow my business’ online presence. He has motivated me to to things I have put off for some time and I’m seeing direct results from his suggestions and from his work. I look forward to our continued working relationship!
Craig is very knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to helping people grow their businesses. He is kind, friendly, attentive and competent, I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for coaching!
Craig’s work is exactly what you need. He’s understanding and he gets the job done. I highly recommend his work.

So glad I made this investment in my business! Marketing has always been overwhelming to me; after our session earlier this week, I know this is doable. Having actionable steps makes all the difference!