How to Be Reduce Social Anxiety in the Modern World

How to Be More Social and Less Anxious in the Modern World Imagine a dance floor. In the center, a spotlight shines on you. You’re surrounded by people, all watching you, judging you. You feel your heart pounding, your stomach churning, your palms sweating. You want to run away, but you can’t. You’re trapped in […]

5 Common Behavioral Issues Among Teens

5 Common Behavioral Issues Among Teens and How to Address Them The teenage years are a time of exploration, self-discovery, and growing independence. However, they can also be a period marked by behavioral challenges, as teens navigate the complex journey from childhood to adulthood. As a parent, guardian, or educator, it’s crucial to identify and […]

Summertime Counseling Scheduling

Hi! We are extremely proud to celebrate the WINS of our LBCC clients throughout the spring of this year. Marriages have been restored and Individual adults and teens have found hope and joy again. As we look forward to the summertime, we know it can be a busy season. With summer comes vacations, summer camps, weddings, and […]

What if My Spouse Doesn’t Share My Christian Faith?

What if My Spouse Doesn’t Share My Christian Faith?       Marriage can often be difficult. When your partner does not share the same religious beliefs as you, it can lead to further disconnect in your marriage and in your family. If this situation applies to you, we are here to help. You can start by reading […]

Recovering from Infidelity: A Journey of Healing and Forgiveness

Infidelity is one of the most difficult challenges a relationship can face. The betrayal of trust, the feelings of anger, hurt, and insecurity can be overwhelming. If you’re someone who has experienced infidelity in your relationship, you might feel like giving up. However, with the right support and a willingness to work through the pain, […]

Local Fort Worth Women’s Groups

There are many amazing local women’s groups and organizations that are making an impact in the DFW area. Check out our list below that includes just a few of these amazing organizations! The Woman’s Club of Fort WorthWebsite: The Woman’s Club The Fort Worth Woman’s Club was founded in 1923 and exists to provide opportunities […]

Care for Your Mental Health in 2023

The New Year is upon us, and many people are focusing on goals for 2023! Check out our tips below on how to care for your mental health during the next year. Commit to Connecting with Others The New Year is a great time to evaluate the quality of the relationships around you. Many people […]

Family Holiday Events Near Fort Worth

The holidays are a great time to celebrate with your family in the community. The Christmas Capital of Texas is located close by the Fort Worth area, in Grapevine, TX, and is full of amazing family holiday events! Check out our list below of fun family and date night events this holiday season near Grapevine! […]

Recommended Books to Improve Your Relationships and Mental Health

Books to Improve Your Relationships and Mental Health Recommended Books for Improving Relationships Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life By: Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend Do you find yourself spread too thin, but have difficulty saying no? Do you often feel as if the […]

DFW Nonprofit Organizations We Love!

Top DFW Nonprofit Organizations There are so many nonprofit organizations in the area that serve the community! Check out this list below of ten of the nonprofits serving children, adults, and families in the area!  Christ’s Haven for Children- Keller, TX Christ’s Haven is a voluntary placement program for children and teens and is located in […]