Teen Counseling Guide

Teen Counseling Guide – Adolescent Counseling – Teen Therapy – Adolescent Therapy  Adolescence is one of the most important stages of human development. There are so many changes that occur for young people including physical, psychological, relational and sense of identity as they journey to adulthood. Teen Counseling can support teenagers and families to integrate […]

Trauma Counseling and Therapy

Trauma Counseling and Therapy Unfortunately, we live in a world where the likelihood of living through, experiencing or witness trauma is high. There are different levels of trauma and different people may respond and react differently to trauma, even when people go through the same event.  Trauma results from exposure to an incident or series […]

Depression and Anxiety Counseling and Therapy

Depression and Anxiety Counseling and Therapy We often use the words “anxious” and “depressed” in our casual conversation and this is because they are both normal emotional experiences. It is normal to feel a little anxiety around an upcoming presentation, new social situations, or even a dangerous situation and it is normal to feel depressed […]


Boundaries It seems like the word “boundaries” has become some-what of a trend or fad these days. So many have jumped on the “set your boundaries” train that it seems like the thing to do. However, what many don’t realize is that the work of setting personalized boundaries requires thought out processes and awareness because […]

Core Relationship Needs

Core Relationship Needs In every couple, there are fundamental needs and practices that take place in order to nourish a growing and connected relationship. Without these practices, couples face challenges in communication, connection and intimacy, ultimately affecting the health and wellness of their relationships.  Below are some of the core needs a relationship thrives on […]

A Guide to Marriage Counseling

A Guide to Marriage Counseling Every relationship is a process that requires constant work, commitment, and effort. Unfortunately, love is often not enough to keep your relationship where you want it to be. It is so easy to drift away from each other under the pressures of everyday life. So, when you put jobs, children, […]

How to Build Thriving Relationships

How to Build Thriving Relationships The question of how to build thriving relationships is not easily answered. This is because, in many ways, society has indulged in a story that relationships “should” be easy; that communication even intimacy should come naturally. This creates the fallacy that relationships that struggle or find themselves having difficulties show […]

Working Through Old Fights in Relationships

Working Through Old Fights in Relationships One of the most common struggles couples face is “working through” old fights. It’s not uncommon to hear, “we have the same fight over and over,” or “we just can’t move past it.” The inability to “get passed it” leaves couples to feel hopeless and many times stuck. It’s […]

Communication in Relationships

Communication in Relationships Communication is an art form. Many would even call it a dance. Being able to share your thoughts in a way that is clear, in a way that others can receive, while giving the other person space to process their own thoughts and feelings is an intricate dance that requires effort, time, […]

Stonewalling – Couples

Stonewalling – Couples Counseling by Nadine Greer, Therapist Too often I hear: “We just shut down.”  “They leave the room.”  “It’s like I’m talking to a wall.”  Communication is an art form. Being able to share your point of view or thoughts in a way that others can receive, connects you to them, while simultaneously […]


Overthinking is one of the primary concerns that clients mention in counseling sessions with the counselors at LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching. “It happens usually when I’m trying to go to sleep.”  “I just can’t focus on one thing.”  “It just floods my mind.”  Racing thoughts and the infamous overthinking. We all, at one point or […]

Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention Month September was National Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is a topic that does not need to be taken lightly and should be talked about rather than silenced like many think. This year, it should be talked about even more as our world is in a pandemic. This has caused the numbers of those […]

Is It Time For Marriage Therapy?

Is it Time for Marriage Therapy?
As a Marriage Counseling practice, we receive calls all the time asking this same question: Is it time for marriage therapy?

While the answer to that question is unique to the relationship and the situation, I want to give you some of the knowledge that we’ve gained through our practice and helping hundreds of couples.

What You Should Know About Women’s Depression

Out of all the ailments that can affect humans, some of them affect people differently based on their characteristics. For example, mental health disorders like clinical depression can be different for women. If you’re experiencing this condition, use the following list to learn more about your therapist’s diagnosis.

How to Make the Most of Online Counseling

Online counseling has become increasingly popular, with more individuals turning to it each day. Digital counseling can help you overcome barriers that might prevent you from seeking a face-to-face meeting, such as living in a remote location or social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you’re considering online adult counseling, use the following guide to learn how to make the most of your sessions.

Tips for Getting Started with Online Counseling

Online counseling offers an option for peace in the midst of the chaos. Through the use of tele therapy services, Clients can retain access to caring counselors and therapists who they can chat with via online mediums, video, and even phone calls. During this time of crisis and concern, people need comfort and convenience more than ever. Here at LiveBeyond Counseling & Coaching, our clients have responded so well to online counseling options so far, that we are excited to continue to offer this service as an option in the future.

4 Tips – Discussing Couples Counseling

Couples counseling provides the opportunity to work through issues with a significant other. And while realizing your relationship could benefit from counseling is the first major step, you need to broach the subject with your partner. We understand that discussing couples counseling can be hard. It can be difficult to bring up the subject in a way that doesn’t make them feel attacked or hurt, so use these tips to help the conversation go smoothly.

3 Ways to Help a Teen With Anger Management Issues

Anger is one of the basic emotions all people experience. While feeling angry is normal and can be healthy, many people, including many of our teen clients, struggle with anger management. They may lash out in harmful or self-defeating ways. Here’s how you can help your teen.

When Is Couples Counseling Helpful?

Many couples wonder if counseling will fix their relationship, but it isn’t that simple. The power of couples counseling rests in the cooperation of the people going and the therapist. Here’s some information about why approaching this service may be right for you and your significant other.

4 Tips for Better Communication With Your Spouse

Effective communication plays a huge role in any relationship. Whether you’ve been feeling distant from your partner lately, have had the same argument over and over without moving forward, or are experiencing any other significant issue, it’s time to reassess your communication strategy. Here are a few tips that relationship counselors routinely emphasize to their clients to help them enjoy honest, respectful communication with their spouses.

3 Possible Causes of Frequent Arguments with your Partner

With different viewpoints, it’s common for couples to argue. Frequent spats, however, could cause a relationship to deteriorate. That’s why many find couples counseling helpful. Through discussions, a trained therapist can identify possible triggers, as outlined below, and then recommend techniques to resolve matters quickly before they spiral into intense emotions, hurt feelings, and explosive arguments.

4 Tips for Overcoming Trust Issues

Trust issues can take their toll on a relationship. While it can be difficult to navigate the rough waters, seeking and using techniques from therapycan be extremely helpful. Here are a few ways to work on overcoming trust issues with your partner.

What You Should Know About Marriage Counseling

Although it’s possible for partners to work together to resolve many matters in a marriage, sometimes outside guidance is necessary. That’s why many couples take part in marriage counseling. During this form of psychotherapy, one or both partners discuss relationship issues with a licensed therapist. The counselor provides direction on how to improve communication and build stronger bonds. If you’re not sure about marriage counseling, below are signs it could benefit your relationship.

How Can Social Media Overuse Affect Relationships?

Social media is a constant presence in today’s world that plays an important role in many people’s lives. It’s easy to get sucked into endless streams of posts and be constantly sharing information. Unfortunately, overusing it can impact the quality of a relationship. Recognizing signs of overuse and misuse can help you find a solution, like trying couples counseling, before it negatively impacts your relationship.

5 Ways Parents Can Help Teens Become More Confident

From experiencing rapid physical changes to navigating high school politics, being a teenager is complicated. But when younger people are burdened with low self-esteem, these challenges can be much more difficult to endure. For some, a lack of confidence can even result in an increased risk for depression, self-harm, and other destructive behaviors. Talking to a counselor can help teens navigate these feelings, but if you’re a parent, you can also help your teen avoid these patterns by following these confidence-boosting tips.

3 Common Relationship Issues & How to Solve Them

While it’s completely normal to experience challenges in a long-term relationship, they can still lead to stress and frustrating emotions. Even though relationship issues are natural, it’s necessary to address them before they become bigger. With the help of couples counseling, you and your loved one can work through any of the following issues together.

How Parents Can Help Their Teen With Depression

Living with depression is difficult, especially for teenagers who are still growing and forming their worldviews. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t sure what to do when they suspect their teen is depressed, which can make the situation more complicated. Here is a little more information about raising a teen with depression, as well as how therapy can help.

Is It Ever Too Late For Marriage Therapy To Work?

We consistently get calls at LiveBeyond Counseling from couples requesting appointments for marriage therapy. For most of our clients, this is the first time that they have sought out counseling services. Usually, they have tried many other things to improve their relationship. For many, seeking counseling is a last ditch effort to salvage their marriage.

The primary question we receive from these couples is this:

The Keys to a Happy Marriage

A long and happy marriage takes work but it’s worth the effort. At some points in their relationships, spouses may seek couples counseling for help in strengthening their marital bonds. The following tips from therapists and counselors may help you avoid or navigate rough waters in your marriage and establish a deeper permanent loving relationship.

Choosing a Couples Counselor

As a Couples Counseling Practice owner, the statistics around the number of couples who actually seek counseling versus how many call it quits is extremely disheartening. We want to see relationships thrive and people find hope and help as they need it. Our goal is to help you meet your goals and find joy. Though our clients’ goals vary from couple to couple, overall we all want many of the same things: